Cinema for Social Inclusion - 2018, Hamburg

6. and 7. November 2018

To attract more persons for this event, the Hamburger Volkshochschule rented a real cinema in the vicinity, the cinema 3001.

Starting on the 6. November, the audience of more than 60 people watched all films, with discussion and individual voting in between. Lunch was served and many discussions evolved. But the day started with an introduction of the project, done by the project manager. The most important guest was Mr. Sprandel, the Head of the Coordinating Center for Refugees. He gave a short overview about the situation of refugees in Hamburg.

On the following day, there followed many different topics: talks with interviewees of the brochure, interviews of members of the course, among them film makers and refugees, discussion among the audience about using the material and the project in general. At the end, the votings have been counted and the award winning ceremony was celebrated: the film “ON Air” was named best documentary AND most inspiring story, whereas the film “The Journey” was named best directors’ film. But happily each film got at least some votes, so that it was clear that all films were what the audience expected.

At the end, evaluations took place. Many attendees said that they would even have wanted for more time to discuss. But after the event, the project managers got many favourable feedback mails saying that the participants enjoyed the conference and the screening of the 12 films.

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