RefugeesIN offers an innovative cinema-based Package to professional staff working with refugees for use in their activity.

Cinema is used as a tool for breaching stereotypes and portraying actual and inspiring life stories of well-included former refugees and having a modelling role for the newcomers’ social inclusion.

RefugeesIN Package (with Brochure, Film Catalogue, Course and Guide) is prepared and a pilot course is conducted where refugees themselves shoot short documentaries on real life stories of social inclusion.

WHEN will it happen?
Jan. – Jun. 2017:
Brochure. Real-life successful inclusion stories of former refugees
Jan. 2017 - Feb. 2018:
Film Catalogue. Feature length films and short documentaries
Jun. 2017 – Feb. 2018:
Course. Shooting the short documentaries
Jan. – Jun. 2018:
Guide: Recommendations for the best use of the Pack assets
Mar. – Apr. 2018:
Promotional Seminar
Jul. 2018:
Delivery of the final RefugeesIN Package
Oct. - Nov. 2018:
Conferences & Film Festivals

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