From The Very Beginning The French People Know That They Are French. I Knew That I Was Jewish Bukovina Speaking German. But Who Am I?
Dušana Findeisen
Slovenian Third Age University
New technologies support the exile from countries at war...
Dušana Findeisen
Slovenian Third Age University
Searching for Role Models in European Films on Refugees
Dušana Findeisen
Slovenian Third Age University
Refugees have names and remember stories in cinema in Lisbon
Raquel Rio, Agência Lusa, 11/21/2018
"Each refugee has a name and a story to tell. Daud and Ismail show their, next Thursday in Lisbon, at RefugeesIN Festival, a European project that aims to contribute to the inclusion through the cinema." (article in Portuguese)
The inclusion of refugees also involves the "catharsis" of the cinema
Raquel Rio, Agência Lusa, set. 10. 2018
"The cinema can contribute to the inclusion of refugees, telling success stories and countering negative stereotypes, as proposed by RefugeesIN, a European project aimed at combating discrimination and encouraging intercultural dialogue." (article in Portuguese)
It s my pleasure to welcome you to Slovenia
Dušana Findeisen
On Slovenian Third Age University and migration
The path towards social inclusion: a story of role models and transformative learning
Ana Moreira, Ana Catarina Carvalho, Maria Helena Antunes
AidLearn, HR Consulting

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