Innovative learning opportunity to empowering, extending and developing adult educators’ competencies, for assisting their role in meeting the needs of refugees/asylum seekers, from diverse backgrounds, to impart common fundamental values and to prevent and combat racism and intolerance and promote their social inclusion.

Adult educators will live an exciting learning experience, within a multicultural environment (adult educators & former and newcomer refugees) framed by a creative process, enabling them to learn by doing, a new methodology mediated by cinema and create own specific didactical resources (documentaries), well adapted to the needs of the refugees on their route to social inclusion. With the guidance of experienced filmmakers, they will have the unique opportunity to research, write, produce and direct their own documentary short-film in close collaboration with refugees/asylum seekers.

The course is composed by six modules, as follows:
  • Module 1: Let's get into the RefugeesIN Course
  • Module 2: Social Inclusion in the EU: crisis, policies, models and achievements
  • Module 3: Real life Stories: self-biographical narratives and in-depth interviews
  • Module 4: Cinema for Social Inclusion (debating RefugeesIN selected feature length films)
  • Module 5: Documentary Filmmaking
    • Unit 1: The documentary as a cinematographic expression
    • Unit 2: Argument writing
    • Unit 3: Directing
    • Unit 4: Production
    • Unit 5: Technical equipment;
    • Unit 6: Editing
  • Module 6: Cinema Workshop (production of two short documentaries in group).

Stimulating critical thinking, increasing level of digital competence and research for a greater understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, are an essential part of the response to the current crisis and to develop resistance to all forms of discrimination and indoctrination, and it is precisely in this collective effort where the project is included with and tries to make a valuable contribution.





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